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Sixteen-year-old Victoria Najab of the Saraswati Vidya Niketan (SVN) Secondary School will undoubtedly go down in the annals of history having secured 20 grade one passes at one sitting of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination. She is arguably the first CSEC candidate to accomplish such a feat.The first local student who wrote 20 subjects at one sitting was Zimeena Rasheed of Anna Regina Secondary in 2013. She secured 18 grade one passes and 2 grade two passes. The following year Queen’s College (QC) student Elisa Hamilton repeated the feat of sitting 20 subjects and secured 19 grade one passes and 1 grade two pass.It would however appear that Najab was determined to demonstrate that achieving 20 grade one passes was possible. She was yesterday named the best performing 2015 CSEC candidate by Chief Education Officer (CEO), Olato Sam.While it was made clear by the CEO that the SVN School had produced several top performing candidates in the past, reports suggest that producing the national top performer is in fact a novel achievement for the school. SVN is a privately-operated Hindu school located at Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara.The candidate who qualified as the second best performing student, Vamanadev Hiralall, who secured 19 grade one passes and 1 grade two is also a student of SVN. The top performers this year include a few others from the very school.In announcing the results yesterday during a televised forum held at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development, Sam disclosed that of the 12,606 candidates who participated in the examination this year, 47 secured grade one passes or more.Among the candidates were 4,506 males and 8,China Adidas Hockey Jerseys,100 females, and according to Sam, this year 33 percent of them were entered through private institutions.This publication was able to secure interviews with some of the top performers, who were happy to be recognised for their outstanding achievements.***Victoria Najab (20 grade ones)In a brief interview with Kaieteur News, the 16 year-old shared that her next goal will be to complete her A Levels and try to secure a place at the Colorado School of Mines to study Petroleum Engineering.Najab credited her success to her parents, teachers and God. She also related that her success was the result of paying keen attention during school hours. She also studied hard as she made a keen effort to balance her time with family, friends and her hobbies.“I just paid attention in class,” responded Najab, when asked what her study routine was like. She is currently enjoying some much needed rest in New York, United States, where she is spending her vacation.Vamanandev Hiralall (19 ones, 1 two)Coming in second with 19 Grade Ones and one Grade Two is Vamanadev Hiralall also of the SVN Secondary School.  Hiralall said that he felt both a mixture of excitement and relief. “I feel relieved because the tension of wanting to know (the results) is hard to overcome,” related the 16-year-old.When asked what motivated him to pursue 20 subjects for the CSEC exams, he responded “knowledge is not a burden and we have no limits.” He credited his achievement to the persistence and determination he put towards his academic goal. He plans on pursuing studies in medicine but disclosed that he has an interest in getting into a technological field of study.  He yesterday thanked his teachers, parents as well as relatives for helping him to be successful.Aliyah Rasheed (19 ones)Aliyah Rasheed of the Anna Regina Secondary was certainly not pressured to be successful at this year’s examination, despite her sister (Zimeena Rasheed) was among the top performers in 2013.“It wasn’t a pressure to me,” said 16-year-old Aliyah yesterday as she insisted that her sister’s accomplishment in fact helped to nurture her academic talent. This, according to her, often meant “burning the midnight oil.” And there was much forthcoming support from other family members, teachers and her friends too.“I am satisfied with my results,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys,” said the elated top performer who resides at Queenstown Village, Essequibo Coast.With her success she hopes to pursue studies in order to eventually become a chemical engineer.Joshanna Hopkinson (18 ones)‘Living life beyond the point of just existing’ at age 16, Queen’s College girl Joshanna Hopkinson is elated after attaining 18 grade ones at the CSEC 2015.  Yesterday she said “it’s surreal to be told that what you’ve worked to achieve is no longer a goal but a realized victory.”Even as she prepares to bid farewell to her grandmother today she dubbed the news as “bitter sweet” and extended gratitude to her grandmother, who unfortunately passed before the release of these results, but was there to encourage her throughout it all.  She intends to continue her education at the CAPE level before heading off to University.Ashley Anthony (17 ones)“Preparing for CSEC often means a lot of late nights and studying, but it is not impossible, and is definitely worth it.” So says Queen’s College student 16-year-old Ashley Anthony, who attained 17 grade one passes. She is currently at the University of the West Indies engaged in a student programme for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE) in Barbados.When contacted about her outstanding performance, she said she was grateful to her parents and the rest of her family as well as her friends for their unwavering support. She said too that “my results have made me euphoric… My friends always kept me motivated…However it was a lot of hard work.” Though she does not have any set plans for the future, she hinted that “it’s something science based.”Of her study regime she dubbed it different mainly because “it wasn’t something rigid,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, it was flexible.”Jagindra Persaud (16 Ones, 2 Twos)Jagindra Persaud, a resident of Adventure, Essequibo Coast, was able to secure 16 grade one passes and 2 grade twos. But according to the Anna Regina Secondary school student yesterday, “I expected to do better but I am contended.” He disclosed that while he had some time ago contemplated undertaking A levels he has since decided that he will instead pursue studies in Medicine. He expressed appreciation for the support he gained to achieve success pointing out that “everybody played a part in some way to what I have accomplished.” He particularly recognised his teachers, parents and friends as key supporters.Paige Carter (14 Ones, 5 Twos)At age 16, Paige Carter has her eyes on becoming a paediatrician. In pursuit of this goal she has thus far been named one of the top performers at the recent CSEC examinations. The Queen’s College student attained 14 grade one and five grade two passes. When she got the news about her results at first she said that she was a “tad bit” disappointed but became a “bit happy” with encouragement from friends and family. Carter is grateful to God, her supportive parents and friends as well as her godfather – Mr Ajay Baksh, and her tutor Mr Antalov Jagnandan. She plans to work towards excelling at CAPE by continuing her studies at Queen’s College.Kadesh Daniels (14 ones, 3 Twos)Sixteen-year-old Kadesh Daniels of Queen’s College amassed 14 grade ones and 3 grade two passes and is wasting no time in pursuing higher academic goals. She is one of two Guyanese currently in Barbados at SPISE. She says her study regiment was regular,China NFL Jerseys, but somewhat difficult to maintain. Daniels said she found balance through supporters the likes of her family, pastor, friends, tutors and teachers. Looking forward, she told this publication that her adoration of the sciences has influenced her decision to pursue a career in pathology as she says “I find the field extremely fascinating.” As she faced what she dubbed “the academic challenge” she credits her success to God’s guidance, her mother, who she said, played a key role through her unwavering faith and encouragement and all others who worked diligently alongside her.Shawn Shewram (14 Ones, 2 Twos)A student of St Rose’s High, Shawn Shewram was initially at a loss for words yesterday when asked to describe how he felt about the 14 grade ones and 2 grade two passes he secured at the 2015 CSEC examination. He became emotional and his eventual response was “Words cannot express how proud I am of myself right now. This came so unexpectedly to me…” said the 16-year-old who revealed that he was unable to view the televised broadcast of the 2015 CSEC results yesterday morning.He was excited to point out that “all those sleepless nights have undoubtedly paid off.” According to the Kitty, Georgetown, resident too “my accomplishment would be nothing if it weren’t for God Almighty, my determined teachers at St Rose’s High and my friends and family who believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.” He plans to continue A level studies at St Rose’s.Michael Jagnanan (14 Ones, 1 Two)“Happy,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,” was the single adjective vocalised by 16-year-old Michael Jagnanan when asked about how he felt of his 2015 CSEC performance. The young man of few words disclosed to this publication that he has already decided to remain at Queen’s College to complete sixth form before heading to the University of Guyana to do the law programme there.The Atlantic Gardens resident expressed gratitude to his parents who financed his schooling and extra lessons and he is also grateful to “everyone else who pushed me to do well,” including his teachers who helped him, especially with his School Based Assessments.His preparation for the examination was at times stressful but he knew that success was achievable.Mohanie Sudama (14 Ones, 1Two)Mohanie Sudama, of SVN Secondary School said that she felt excited and happy with her performance at the 2015 CSEC. She has secured 14 grade one passes and one grade two and pointed out yesterday that she did not expect to do that well. The Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara resident said that with her laudable grades she may remain at the SVN School to complete sixth form or possibly head to The Bishops’ High School.While she hasn’t quite decided on her career path, she disclosed that she is currently considering law. Her success which was announced by the Ministry of Education yesterday could not have been possible without support from her teachers, family members and friends. She disclosed too that being able to do mock exams was also very instrumental in her achievement.Shannon Woodroffe (14 Ones)Even as her sister, Sasha Woodroffe, enjoys the spotlight as an outstanding performer at 2015 CAPE, 16-year-old Shannon Woodroffe, a QC student too, is basking in similar glory. She acquired 14 grade one passes at the 2015 CSEC examination, a feat she learnt of yesterday along with the rest of the country during a televised press conference.She is thankful to God for helping her to do well, as well as her parents, sister and teachers too. Her sister, according to her,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, was especially helpful.  Come September, the Bel Air Park resident intends to commence sixth form at QC.