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標題: China Jerseys according to Health Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1MdG    時間: 2017-11-22 21:32     標題: China Jerseys according to Health Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy

Director and Owner of La Premiere Academy, Thierry Hugues Dangouegne, has moved to dissociate himself from the Inter-American Nursing School which, according to Health Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, may be involved in fraudulent activities.Dangouegne’s disclosure came in the wake of the Minister’s announcement that he is prepared to take legal action against the nursing school, which has not been accredited by the Health Ministry.The Minister on Saturday last divulged that the ‘so called’ professional nursing school was situated on the corner of North Road and Alexander Street,cheap jerseys cc, Georgetown, and that moves had been made to open a Berbice branch.Dangouegne explained that in June of last year he opened his Academy in a building at the very same junction referred to by the Minister.However, the Director insisted that his Academy only facilitates secondary, primary and nursery level schools as well as a Software Development Business, GuySoft Systems,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, adding that at no point in time had the ill reputed nursing school named by the Minister operated in the building since the opening of the Academy.Minister Ramsammy had disclosed that the nursing school has been promoting itself as a nursing and health care provider school that seems to be boosting its existence by erroneously advising students and potential students.According to reports reaching the Minister, students are advised that once they graduate their certificates will be recognised by the Guyana Nursing Council and can be used as admission to the three local nursing schools – the Georgetown School of Nursing,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, the New Amsterdam Nursing School and the Charles Rosa Nursing School at Linden.He added, too, that the institution has been promoted on the basis that it has been accredited by the Ministry of Health and gives the impression that should a student graduate, they will be able to meet requirements for recruitment as health care workers in the United States.But while the Ministry of Health does not have the authority to stop persons from starting such institutions,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 2018, Minister Ramsammy said his Ministry can however advise people about what they are paying for.Reports are that persons have paid thousands of dollars to the officials of the nursing school but have not been able to attend a single class, while others who have attended classes are now learning that they were of no benefit to them in the long run.As a result, the Health Minister revealed that a meeting will be held this week with a number of operators of nursing schools “and we will make it very clear that we will take further legal action to prevent these schools from misrepresenting themselves to people.”The Minister has also warned that, “I would present some of the complaints to the police because money has been taken from people in what can be considered as outright fraud.”In the meantime, the Minister said that he is eagerly awaiting the accreditation system that is set to be put in place by the Education Ministry,wholeslae cheap nfl jerseys china, adding that he is desirous of seeing the process accelerated to prevent more unsuspecting persons from being deceived.

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