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標題: China Jerseys For Sale residents are forced to pay $3 [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1MdG    時間: 2017-11-22 21:31     標題: China Jerseys For Sale residents are forced to pay $3

… residents protest water shortage, no street lights, banditry Rehanna RamsayResidents of Cummings Park,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, a community east of South Sophia, Georgetown, are at a disadvantage owing to the lack of several essential features that would make any community a livable one.There has been a shortage of potable water in the area for several weeks, leaving residents with no other alternative than to depend on the rains.One of pipelines in which no water has flowed for several weeks.“For past seven weeks we have got no water at all ….and whenever the water did come … the pressure is so low that we have to open our stand pipes and use hand basins to fill the water containers. And don’t talk about the quality, it is worse!” one resident exclaimed.The woman claimed to have been living in the area for several years; she said that the community seems to have been neglected by the relevant agencies and Government bodies.“We pay taxes up to date, yet we are being denied basic needs as citizens of this country … It is not fair; we feel forgotten” she added.Cummings Park lacks street lights and adequate roads. This,Cheap NHL Adidas Jerseys, they say, has created a domino effect that “sparked” a host of other problems.Among these issues,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, are the price hikes in minibus and taxi fares and the continuous attacks on residents.“Sometimes taxi drivers blatantly refuse to bring us into Cummings Park, because the roads are bad and when it dark anyone can easily fall prey to bandits.”According to the residents,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, the robberies have become so barefaced and malicious that just recently passengers of a minibus were stripped and robbed of their belongings.Kaieteur News understands that bandits ordered the passengers out of the minibus, ordered them to lie on the ground and relieved them of their valuables,Cheap NFL Jerseys, while the driver was held at gunpoint.“We are advocating for the administration to look into these issues. Just recently a man was beaten to death because of this constant nuisance …This is what happens when people get frustrated and take matters into their own hands.”Nina Gravesande,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, a mother of three, said that the absence of potable water has affected her most.“It is especially hard on me because I have children who go to school.”A section of the main road in Cummings Park.According to Gravesande, residents are forced to pay $3,500 each before clean water is transported to their respective homes. There are times when they are required to resort to using water from the canals to flush the toilets.“We cannot understand how it is that we aren‘t getting water and the water bills are coming on time and up to date.”Contact made to the Guyana Water Authority (GWI) for clarification into the issue proved futile.

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