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By Sase Singh INTRODUCTIONSo the fix is in and all that matters is “the now”.  The now always trumps the later. Every time!  The future is a sucker’s bet with no certainty.  A contingency perhaps; a maybe perhaps, but the future can never win the present moment. The only thing that is real is the present moment and more Guyanese politicians have to engender that culture of fulfilling their campaign promises by honouring it, now rather than later.The Ramotar government rarely honoured the now when it came to workers’ pay packets and it seems as if that culture continues today with the carrot being tied to the workers’ head with the lame excuse that we must wait on the Lutchman Commission before we can commence negotiations under the Collective Bargaining process. This is a very uninformed and unfair position.  Did the Ministers wait on a process when they arrived at their 50 percent increase? So why do the workers have to wait?LIVING CONDITIONS OF THE NURSESI speak now specifically to the living conditions for our nurses in the public service.  The reaction of the Granger Government to the working and living conditions of the nurses who work in the State System is just not good enough. Even today, the State continues to be robbed of its geniuses in the nursing system who worked beyond the call of duty to keep our health care system together.  Our incongruence in how we deal with this issue, directly contributes to that march towards dystopia in the medical sector; something we all fear. However, many in power clearly do not have the courage of conviction to do the right thing.The GPSU, the workers’ union that claims to represent the nurses of Guyana, has consistently failed to provide effective representation to its constituents in the medical profession. If one evaluates the past salary deliberations between the GPSU and the Jagdeo /Ramotar administrations, one can find a history of underperformance, weak militancy, and poor advocacy.Can we expect any better from this Union today? Can we expect it to carry out the revolutionary fight for a living wage for the nurses so that these professionals can concentrate on the job at hand to fix the healthcare system rather than how much moonlighting they have to do,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, in order to put the next loaf of bread on their tables at home?Poverty is an evil that has to be combatted on all fronts and it is about time that the allocations made in the 2016 Budget are put to work. It is a living shame that so many of our nurses today are on the borders of poverty, in a country so rich.One only has to observe over the last five years the maternal mortality rate, the infant mortality rate and the conditions in which nurses work, especially at that West Demerara Regional Hospital, and you walk away clearly believing that the State’s healthcare system is nothing but a death zone. So what really is the GPSU doing for the nurses in 2016? So far the evidence says – not much!And if one is to go by their public declaration, as reported in the Demerara Waves online news outfit,wholeslae cheap nfl jerseys china, one struggles to understand the union’s strategy to secure a better pay for the nurses. Is Mr. Patrick Yarde even remotely aware that 2015 has come and gone and 2016 is well advanced, and there has been limited progress on this front?  Yet not one day in 2016 has he called a nurses’ strike to wake up the government on this wages issue.This is now a war between the ruling class and the working class, and clearly,Cheap NFL jerseys China, as a result of the underperformance of the GPSU’s leadership, the workers are losing this battle.THE WAGE CARROTAt the May Day Rally 2016, the Hon. Prime Minister recommitted “to dealing with the wages issue in 2016”. But that may be viewed as another empty rice pot promise, since those commitments were also made in 2015.  Rice will only fall into the workers’ pot if they take direct action and become more militant in 2016.The GPSU has a duty to pull out all stops to ensure that the nurses of Guyana are paid a living wage?  Another promise is not satisfactory; it is time for action and it is time for a piece of the good life.  Let us put all of the budgeted G$50 billion into the workers’ pockets now; not tomorrow.If we continue to deceive the nurses,Cheap Jerseys Supply, more of these national assets will depart the “land of the many waters” for jobs overseas. And why not?  They also have an equal right like any other Guyanese to build their own homes, and if The Bahamas is the vehicle to this end result, so what?I am one of those who firmly believe the Cabinet, by right, also deserves a living wage, but we cannot have one set of rules for Uncle Tom and another for Aunty Sally. There must be consistency in commitment across all classes of workers. The nurses deserve a living wage too!Now I am not advocating for a 50 percent increase in wages for the nurses similar to what the Ministers got. Clearly, the economy cannot afford that, but another 5 percent in 2016 will be most obnoxious; grossly obnoxious. While we agree that there must be collective bargaining, we also believe that today there must be an across the board preliminary injection of new cash into the pockets of the nurses, irrespective of whether the collective bargaining process was completed or not. At the rate things are going, collective bargaining can drag out until 2017,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, while the nurses continue to receive peanuts.But my grave disappointment remains with the leadership of the GPSU who have failed miserably over the last decade to leverage a living wage out of successive governments for the nurses.  They failed under Jagdeo post-2005; they failed under Ramotar and today they seem to be so much weaker as a bargaining unit.  What has happened to George Daniels’ Union that stood for principle in the great days when top trade unionists like Gordon Todd were around?It is time for the GPSU to become more militant and use all the tools at its disposal to ensure that the nurses secure a reasonable increase in wages soon.  The GPSU has a duty of fair representation to the nurses of Guyana in an environment of good faith,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China, honesty and enhanced militancy.  What we have observed from the GPSU over the last decade is that it has consistently acted in an arbitrary fashion, to the point that people have negative and unflattering perceptions.Because of the inconsistent levels of advocacy from the GPSU, the workers it represents, including the nurses, continue to get the short end of the stick.  Don’t you the members of the GPSU think it is time for new leadership in your union?CONCLUSIONIf the GPSU continues to fail to properly represent them, then the nurses should form an alternative Organizing Committee and take their grievances to the Minister. It is not like the Minister is unaware of the plight of the nurses; he was part of the state medical system for years. The APNU+AFC Manifesto also promised to “make nursing once more an attractive and well-paid profession”.  When do the nurses need this living wage?  Now!  As I said at the start of this piece – the now always trumps later.Please send your comments to [email protected]